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  Fill in the gaps. Use these words: seventy one,   1930,  stories, detective stories,  was born,  graduation,   doctor,   writer,   still,   1887,   best known,   solve,  1859,  fifty,   Doctor Watson.



Do you like books by Conan Doyle? As you can read in history and literature books, he was the creator of the Sherlock Holmes .
in Scotland in the year . He studied to be a at Edimburgh University. After he worked as a doctor for several years. At the age of thirty two he became a full-time .
What can we find among his productions? He loved writing things about adventures and romances but it was his
what made him famous. When he was a doctor (in the year ) he wrote his first story. After that he wrote about stories more. Sherlock Holmes is Doyle's character: a detective that could almost any mystery. Sherlock lived with his friend an assistant and they both had a common enemy: a man called Moriarty.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died in
at the age of seventy one.















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