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Fill in the gaps to complete the questions or answers. Use these words or phrases: tall, single, eyes, hair, her (3), what is, on, where, when, any, has, his, occupation, an.


Surname: Roberts.

Birthday : 28/10/1967
Born in : USA
Occupation : actress
Husband: Danny Moder

Brothers : Eric
Sisters : Lisa
Eyes : brown
Hair : red

Height : 1.73

Complete the questions and answers and then press 'check'.

her name ? name is Julia and surname is Roberts.
was she born ? She was born October 28th, 1967.
was she born ? She was born in the USA.
What's her
? She is actress.
Has she got
brothers or sisters ? Yes, she .
She has a brother.
name is Eric.
She also has a sister.
name is Lisa.
What does Julia look like ? Julia has brown
and red . She is 1.73 metres .
Is she married or
? She is married.











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