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1)   summer we play rugby Saturdays and Sundays.

2)   weekends I love playing football and other outdoor sports.

3) Mar del Plata is very cold  winter. Specially at night...

4) My brother's birthday is March...He is a Piscian and a very sentimental one.

5) Our neighbours next door often eat in a restaurant Fridays.

6) July 9 th , we celebrate our independence.

7) The train leaves Lyon 4 p.m. So be punctual, please....

8) My mother is often tired the mornings. She is almost 80 years old.

9) The hotel shop closes   five  the afternoon...Let's buy the present somewhere else.

10) What do you often do Saturday nights?

11) January it is extremely hot in Buenos Aires.

12) Do you know why bats sleep night? "Ask the biology teacher"...

12) In Argentina, school finishes December. That is a week or two before Christmas.









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