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           Fill in the blanks with the correct words:

         Completa los espacios en blanco con las palabras que correspondan:

   have /has got or am /is /are?



Scorer Right  Scorer Wrong 

  She is has got brown eyes.                        

  'How old is he?' 'He is has got ten years old.'             

  Joan and Lucianoare have got  Italian. 

I am  have got   very tall.

Your girlfriend is has got  quite short.

 Heishas got  big ears and a small nose.

 We are have got quite tall!

  It is has got   beautiful blue eyes.

 I amhave got  very cold right now!

We arehave got long hair.

Poor baby...He is has gotvery hot...

 Are Have got you all right?

 My two sisters are have got  brown eyes.

 This giraffe is has got a long neck.

 Your dog is has got short hair.

 This dromedary is has got  thirsty!









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