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           Complete the sentences with one of these words.

         Completa las oraciones con una de estas palabras.

It started to rainduring the competition.




Scorer Right  Scorer Wrong 

  I fell off the ladder and I broke a bone I was cleaning a picture.                                  

  'Yesterday I practised my English  two hours!'  'That's good news.'          

  I studied in France  four years and I stayed with my cousins  I was there.                           

'I met PaulI was studying music at university.' 'How long did you study?''about five years.'

 'What did you do last year I was in Tahiti?' 'I stayed at home.'

 'I waited an hour but he didn't come!' 'How cruel of him!'

 'Did you like the film?' 'Well, actually I fell asleep the film!'

'The phone rang three times I was having dinner last night.' 'Well, it was me...'

'Please don't interrupt I am speaking sir...' 'I'm very sorry!'

  'the night it rained a lot...' 'I couldn't hear...I was fast asleep.'

  Last week I had stomach ache. I couldn't eat anything three days.         

 'What happened?' 'Well I began to feel ill the examination.'

 'A lot of curious things happened   you weren't at home.'

 I often go out at week-ends, but I don't go out   the week.    




 If you have doubts ... use a dictionary!








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