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          Complete the following dialogue between Mr Barrionuevo and Miss Fernandez. Use the verbs in the box.

          Completa el siguiente diálogo entre el señor Barrionuevo y la señorita Fernandez. Utiliza los verbos del casillero.

    pay, go, do (2), visit, marry, drink, celebrate, play, rent, buy, get, rob, blow, leave, meet



Scorer Right  Scorer Wrong 

  'Young lady....tomorrow I am going to  this place!'                                            

  'I sincerely hope you start a new life...What are you going to   first?

  'First,  tomorrow morning I am going to a big car.... and I am going to  a visit to my


brother . He is in a lunatic asylum you know!                    


'And then? Where are you going to  after that?' 

In the afternoon,  I suppose I am going to my girlfriend....I don't know what she is doing right now!

 'Are you going to her?'

  'What? Marry?....Not even crazy...!I suppose we are going to champagne that's all!'


'And at night? What are your plans for tomorrow night?'


  'Well I guess I am going to tennis with my friends! And after that we are going to until the




 'What are you going to after the celebration?...I mean the next day.


  'Well the following day I am going to a couple of guns... and some granades.' I am also


going to my best friend. He is an expert on explosives. He is the best! We are going to together


and make a big gang...


'Are you going to a bank?'



 'We are going to   up the Federal Reserve'....


'Isn't that a crazy thing to do?'


'Well I'm happy here you know!'



 New words? Use a dictionary!

to get together                                                   

to blow up                                                                     

to pay a visit







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