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Which sentence is correct?    



  He's from Germany.  


  His from Germany.

2)    Where is she from? 
    Where  she is from?
3)   Her name it's Paola. 
  Her name is Paola.
4)   I am student.  
   I am a student.
5)  He's name is Tom.   
 His name is Tom.
6) They're from Japan.  
   They from Japan.
7)  I have two sisters 
   I have two sister    
8)  It's an Italian car.
   It's a Italian car 
9)  What's her name?
  What's she name?
10)   It' s a French watch.
    It's a France watch.

1. His or he's?

2. is she or she is?

3. it's or is?

4. student or a student?

5. He's name or his name?

6. They're or they?

7. Sister or sisters?

8. A or an ?

9. Her or she?

10. French or France?

Score =

Correct answers:





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