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           Fill in the blanks with the correct verb. Use the past of the verbs in the box.

         Completa los espacios en blanco con el verbo correspondiente. Utiliza el pasado de los verbos que están en el casillero.

   travel, listen, phone, enjoy, like, stop,  stay, talk, visit, paint, walk, watch, love, resign, play, retire,



Scorer Right  Scorer Wrong 

  We really the movie...Travolta was wonderful!                           

  My brother with friends in Mar del Plata last summer.               

  They to me about their trip to France...It was very intersting.

I  to the new album by Elton John last night. It's fabulous!

The men work at exacly one o'clock to have lunch.

Yes I   the movie very much, but unfortunately I didn't like the music.

 We along the beach last night...I enjoyed it very much.

 'I  you three times yesterday.' 'Well, I was out...'

 Her parents by train from Santa Fe to Cordoba last week.

I didn't want to go out...so I tv all night long.

Did you like the cafés in Buenos aires? I then!

 'Italy  very well in the last World Cup....' 'Mnnn.'

 'What did you do to your room?' 'I  it pink!'

 I my aunt when I was in England last winter.

 When he was 72 Nixon from public life.

 I hated that job so much...that I   .... 










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