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           In this activity you will have to make a positive verb  negative and a negative verb positive.

         En esta actividad tendrás que cambiar los verbos que están en positivo a negativo y viceversa.  Repasa los verbos irregulares en pasado simple...
Revise irregular verbs in the past.

   Tina gave me a gold ring. She didn't give me a gold ring.

It didn't rain yesterday.It rained yesterday.



Scorer Right  Scorer Wrong 

  Tom had breakfast at nine o 'clock. Tom breakfast at nine o 'clock.                       

  She didn't come back before twelve. She back before twelve.          

  I didn't drink coffee this morning.I coffee this morning.

I didn't have a lot of time so I didn't do the cleaning.I  a lot of time so I the cleaning.

She didn't bring a bottle of whisky.She a bottle of whisky.

He wasn't tired so he didn't go to bed.He tired so heto bed.

 Marilyn died in 1965. She in 1965. She in 1962.

It didn't cost a lot of money after all! It a lot of money after all!

 I finally bought the novel I was looking for. I finally the novel I was looking for.

 They flew to Bermuda for the holidays. They to Bermuda for the holidays.

 Laura forgot her passport and lost her ticket.Laura her passport and she her ticket.

 My parents could dance tango many years ago.My parents  dance tango many years ago.









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