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           Fill in the blanks with the correct possessive pronoun.

         Completa los espacios en blanco con el pronombre posesivo que corresponda.

  mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs



Scorer Right  Scorer Wrong 

  This is not our computer...It is .                                                     

  This is her watch. It's .                     

  These are our glasses. They are .                                

They are my jeans. They are .

It's their sweater. It's .

It's her skirt. It's  .

 They are your trainers. They are not my trainers! They are ....

  It's our home. It's  .

 These are your boots. They are

  This is my car...It's .

  'Is this our bus?' 'Yes, it's .'

It's not my perfume....! It's  .(you)

 This is not your home....It's  .             

  Look...This is Mirtha. This picture is .

  It's our nest...It's .   

 She is not your girlfriend. She is !         










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