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           Fill in the blanks with the correct adverb. The initial letter is given as help.

         Completa los espacios en blanco con el adverbio que corresponda. La letra inicial se brinda de ayuda.

  much,  sudden, slowly, quickly,  hurriedly, lazily, hard, badly, heavily,  carefully, fluently, well, quietly, incredibly, nervously, easily.





Scorer Right  Scorer Wrong 

  He cut himself this morning because he shaved .                                (h...)                         

  We arrived late because the train went very .                                       (s...)        

  He won the swimming race because he swam .                                    (q...)

We really worked very  this morning. Now we are exhausted.                (h...)

'Did Tom work hard?' 'Not at all....On the contrary, he worked .'           (l...)

I cut myself   this morning and I was taken to hospital.                          (b...)

 A careful driver drives .                                                                        (c...)

  The doctor opened the door ....and I got scared.                                     (s...)

 You speak Chinese to perfection...You speak very .                                 (f... )

I work long hours but fortunately, at night I sleep .                              (w...)

We enjoyed ourselves very last night.                                                    (m...)

 He was in a hurry...so, he drove back home  quickly .                           (i...)

 What an awful day! It rained   for hours.                                               (h...)

 Before the interview, I waited   for about two hours.                               (n...)

 Speak  you two guys...I am trying to concentrate!                                 (q...)

 The exam was not very difficult and she passed it quite  .                       (e...)            




 Oh well....You may use a dictionary now and then!








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