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           Complete the sentences with a suitable adverb. Remember to revise the lesson on adverbs. Where?

         Completa las oraciones con el adverbio que corresponda. Recuerda repasar la lección de los adverbios. ¿Donde?

  He is a good playerHe plays well.





Scorer Right  Scorer Wrong 

  'Tom is a careful driver.'  'How does he drive?' 'He drives .'                                                        

  She is a fast typist. She types .                                               

  He is a lazy worker. He works  .                                  

John is a slow learner. He learns  .

'I hate this loud and noisy trio!'   'Well....Mariachis always play  .'        (loud)

He is an incredible actor. He acts   

 She is a good teacher. She teaches .                                                                       

  'What a noisy drummer!''Well, Dingo always plays .                                  

 He is an amazing cook....He cooks  .                                          (amazing)

'He is a high flier.'  'Yeah, Superboy flies   !'                           

I'm a very slow reader. So I read  ...

 I'm a quick thinker! I think   !                          (q........)

 This candidate is a fluent talker. He talks .                                               (f)

 She is a careless housewife. She works  !                                (c...)

 He is a heavy drinker...He drinks ...                   (h...)          


 You are a bad swimmer...You swim .                                



 Try to learn new words every day!








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