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           Complete the sentences with the right preposition. Use the words in the box.

         Completa las oraciones con la preposición correspondiente. Utiliza las palabras de la casilla.

  in, on, under, behind, up, down, along, between, across, round, over, out, among





Scorer Right  Scorer Wrong 

  This new satellite is going  the planet.                                                  

  These are my pets...They are swimming the acquarium.                     

  'How many people can you see the banner?' 'I believe eight...'                                  

Can anybody help this man this asteroid?

Look. It's snowing...Snowflakes are coming !

Four people are walking  the road....

There is a coffee machine the two cans of coke.

 'Where is our little guest?' 'He is falling  the stairs!'

 It's working well...Our new rocket is going smoothly! 

This tired astronaut is trying to get of his capsule after a trip to the ISS.

I love hot air ballons. Can you see that one flying the lake?

 I am going to blow until you come  of the house! I promise....

'Where can I sit?' 'Here....  Lulu and me.'           

 'I feel strange so many yellow fish.'   

 He is going to win the race easily....He is coming very quickly.   

 This flammingo is on the cocodrile....But you can also say there is a cocodrile  the flammingo!       



 Too many new words?....Time to use a dictionary!









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