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           Fill in the blanks with the correct participle.

         Completa los espacios en blanco con el participio que corresponda.

   gone, landed, started, got, arrived, caught, broken, taken, parked, passed, put, seen, resigned, lost, drunk, discovered




Scorer Right  Scorer Wrong 

  'What are you doing down there?' 'Oh...I've just  my keys!'                                                  

  'Where is your husband?' 'Oh...he has !                     

  The latest  BBC headlines. The president of Argentina has . She explained that...                            

Ladies and gentlemen...Stand up! The king has just ....

'Yes, yes....I have  on a beautiful planet. And the people are very friendly here!'

'I have just  . And you?' 'No, I have just finished!'

 I've got a terrible headache...I've too much!

 I've just  the reason of my unhappiness!

 Oh...I don't feel well. I think I've a cold.

'Help police....Someone has  all my money!

Hey sir, You've just on a double yellow line...

 I have  all my exams without studying!

 'I've just Matrix 4' ' Me too!'             

 This is going to be their biggest mistake...They have just married.

 This is not my real weight. I have on more than 20 kilos!   


We need a new clock...This one has down!        



 Yes you may use the dictionary. Try to look up these words: headlines, to land, double yellow line,  to put on weight, to break down.

                     Good luck!








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