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           Complete these questions with the past participle. As you can see, some verbs are regular and some irregular.

         Completa las preguntas con el participio. Como notarás, algunos son verbos regulares y otros irregulares.

 found, won, drunk, counted, played, sent, flown, been, smoked, ridden, seen, danced, built, met, taken spent,



Scorer Right  Scorer Wrong 

  Have you ever  a competition?                                                         (to win)                                     

  Have you ever poker?                     

  Have you ever  a pearl?                                                                     (to find)  

Have you ever   in a jumbo jet?

Have you ever  a cigarette?

'Have you ever  a witch?' 'Well...is that a plane?'                              (to see)

 'Have you ever  on one of these?' 'Yes, and I almost broke my neck.' (to ride)

 Have you ever tango?

 Have you ever  tequila? 

Have you ever  a picture of the Taj Mahal?      

Have you ever  money at the casino?                                              (to spend)

 Have you ever sheep when you went to bed?

 Have you ever a house?             

 Have you ever   a message in a bottle?

 'Have you ever  an alien?'  'I meet one every day!'               

 Have you ever   to one of his concerts?                                                     (to be)




  You know you have to study regular and irregular verbs...








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