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           Write sentences in the past simple using the time expressions in brackets.

         Escribe oraciones en el pasado simple utilizando las expresiones de tiempo que están en paréntesis.

  We've just arrived in Athens. (fifty minutes ago)

We arrived in Athens fifty minutes ago



Scorer Right  Scorer Wrong 

 He's seen the latest episode of Star wars.(last Monday)He last Monday.                                         

  I've seen the Pyramids. (in 2000)  in 2000.                

  Luke has written a mail. (yesterday) He yesterday.                                

She has done the housework. (six hours ago) She  six hours ago.

I've had breakfast .(in the morning) in the morning.

I've listened to his latest album. (last week) I last week.

 My wife has gone to Africa. (last month) She last month.

  Ann has passed all her tests. (last year) She last year.

 Sue and Tom have got married. (last week) Sue and Tom last week.

He has become the king. (two hours ago) He two hours ago.

I've cut myself! (two minutes ado) I two minutes ago!

 The oven has caught fire. (this morning)The oven this morning.

 The car has broken down. (last night) The car last night.       

 She has prepared a delicious cake. (two hour ago) She two hours ago.

 I 've seen a comet. ( in 2005)in 2005.

 He has written his latest book. (last month) He  last month.     




Remember to revise the list of irregular verbs now and then...







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