Exercise  12  A    
  Short questions.   Click on the correct form (do /does)    
1) Do  Does   I speak a lot?                          'Of, course you do'...    
2) Do  Does   he get up early?                        At five...Yes.    
3) Do  Does   Linda arrive late at night?          Yes, she does.    
4) Do  Does   they come back after school?   No, they don`t. They go to the gym first.    
5) Do  Does   rice grow in China?                  China is the 1 world producer of rice!    
6) Do  Does   tobbacco  produce cancer?      Doctors say yes...    
7) Do  Does   you like Marylin?                     I adore her.....    
8) Do  Does   your kids behave well?            They are angels.    
9) Do  Does   he play tennis well?                  Well, he is a professional you know....    
10) Do  Does   they close early?                      Hurry up. They do.    
11) Do  Does   your cousin sleep a lot?            He gets up at twelve...    
12) Do  Does   they live in Misiones?               In Posadas, I Think.    
  Exercise 12  B    
   Wh questions.    Click on the correct form (do / does)    
1) What time   do  does   you go to bed?    
2) What time   do  does   they close?    
3) Where    do   does  your father live?    
4) When    do  does   we  start?    
5) Who    do   does   she go out with?    
6) What   do  does   Simon and  Tom do?    
7) Which   do   does   you  prefer?    
8) How  much   do  does   he  need?    
9) How  many hours  do  does   you sleep?    
10) Why  do  does   he come so early?    
11) When  do  does   you like the shoes?    
12) What colour  do  does    he  prefer?