Exercise 19   Ejercicio 19  
  Click on the correct form of the verb: was, were, wasn`t or weren`t.   Haz clic en la forma correcta del verbo ''to be'' en pasado.  





How   was  were   the last chapter of the Z files yesterday Tom?
Tom: It   was  wasn`t  very good at all...In fact it  were  was  very boring!      
Mark: Why   was  were  it boring?    
Tom: Well the story  was  were  silly...And the end was  were  a  disaster.      
Mark: What about the actors? They are always good...They act very well, almost always... Were  Was  they good this time?      
Tom: In this last chapter, they  was  were   horrible! Their acting was  were terrible indeed.    
Mark: And the aliens...Were  Was  they good at least?    
Tom: No, they wasn`t  weren`t.   They  were  was  horrible too...      
Mark: Well watch the last chapter of Star Trip this night then.    
Tom: No science fiction for me for the rest of the year...Thanks!