Exercice 1A  (short questions)
  Click on the correct form ef the verb to be: (am, is are) Haz click en la forma correcta del verbo to be:
1) Are      Is      Am    you English?                           "No, I'm not.''  
2) Is       Are     Am    your father an actor?                Yes, he is  
3) Is      Are    Am    Nalbandian from Argentina?       Yes, he is  
4) Is      Are      Am   Paul and John at the bank now?  Yes, they are.  
5) Am       Is     Are   I  Argentinian?                          Of, course I am !!!  
6) Are     Is     Am     you hungry?                              Yes, I am....  
7) Are     Is     Am   Tina  a good actress?                  Yes, she is excellent!!!  
8) Is       Are     Am    his sister pretty?                      Yes, she is beautiful!!!  
9) Am     Is      Are   you  hot?                              No, I am not....I am cold....  
10) Are     Is      Am   we good friends?                  Of, course we are!  
11) Are     Is      Am   that your car over there?            Yes, it is  
12) Is        Are    Am   this your room?               No, it isn't. Mine is number 6.  
13) Are     Am     Is    your mother Italian?                   No, she is English.  
14) Am     Are     Is    it a Post Office near here?        Yes, round the corner.  
15) Is       Are      Am    they good at History?            Of course they are!!!!   Right                Wrong