Room A

  Exercise 8 A Ejercicio 8 A  
  Look at this room. Click on the correct sentences: Mira esta habitación. Haz click en las oraciones correctas:  
1) There is a tv in room A    
2) There is a mirror in room A    
3) There is a radio on the desk    
4) There is a lamp in this same room    
5) There are 5 pictures on the wall in this room    
6) There are three windows on the left  
7) There is a rug in this room    
8) There are four books under the table    
9) There are three armchairs in this room    
10) There is a sofa    
11) There is a girl in the armchair    
12) There is an envelope on the sofa  
13) There are two armchairs in the room  
14) There is a poster on the wall    
15) There is a telephone on the table