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Click on the right answer. The right option is between brackets.


 Haz clic en la respuesta correcta. La opción correcta está entre paréntesis.

1. Are you in La Plata now? (Buenos Aires) 

Yes, I am               Yes, she is        No, I am not

2.  Is she in El Salvador? (Chile)

No he isn't             Yes, he is          No, she isn't

3.  Is he Martin Lee? (Robert Lee)

Yes, she is             No, he isn't        Yes, he is

4.  Are they in Bolivia? (Bolivia)

Yes, they are         Yes, we are        No, they aren't

5.  Are we in Perú? (Colombia)

No, they aren't      Yes, we are        No, we aren't

6.  Is Argentina in America? (America) 

Yes. I am              Yes, it is             No, it isn't

7.  Is she Nicole? (Deborah) 

No, she isn't          Yes, he is           Yes, she is

8.  Are Lisa and Michelle in Mexico? (Uruguay) 

Yes, they are         No, we aren`t      No, they aren't

9.  Is your mother in Mexico? (Mexico) 

Yes, she is             No, she isn´t       No, you aren't

10.  Are your friends in Brazil? (Uruguay) 

Yes, we are           Yes, they are      No, they aren't

                         Right           Wrong