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      Simon lives in a flat in a large city. He hasn't got any pets. He has got one sister. His  
  sister is called Louise and she works in a hospital. Simon's flat has got four bedrooms,  
  a large kitchen, a small living room and a bathroom. Simon hasn't got a garden but he has a balcony.  
      Simon's cousin is called Petra and she lives in a large house in the country. She has got  
  a brother called Michael. Michel is a student at UBA University in Bs As. Michael lives  
  in Argentina. Petra has got two cats and a dog. Her parent's house has got four bedrooms a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and two bathrooms. It's got a large garden outside.  



1. Simon lives:                                                       

2. He has

3. His sister works:

4. In his house he has

5. Simon's cousin lives

Score =

Correct answers:






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