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America América American Estadounidense
England Inglaterra English Inglés
Canada Canadá Canadian Canadiense
Japan Japón Japanese Japonés
Brazil Brasil Brazilian Brasilero/a











Wh questions:

Preguntas wh:



Where am I from?

What is my nationality?

I'm from Argentina.
I'm Argentinian



Soy de Argentina.
Soy argentino.




Where are you from?

What is your nationality?


You are from Colombia.
You are Colombian.



Eres de Colombia.
Eres colombiano.


Where is he from?

What is his nationality?


He's from France.

He is French



Es de Francia.
Es francés.


Where is she from?

What is her nationality?


She is from Italy.
She is Italian.




Es de Italia.
Es italiana.


Where is it from?

What is its nationality?


It  is from ...
It is ...



Es de...
Es ...       


Where are we from?

What is our nationality?


We are from ...
We are ...




Somos de ....
Somos ....


Where are they from?

What are their nationalities?


They are from Brazil.
They are Brazilian.



Son de Brasil.
Son brasileños.





I am not from China.
I am not Chinese.


No soy de China.
No soy chino


He's not from Japan.
He isn't


No es de Japón.
No es japonés


She's not from Jamaica.
She isn't



No es de Jamaica
No es jamaiquina


It's not from





No es de...
No es...


We're not from
We aren't


No somos de
No somos


They 're not from .
We aren't


No eres de



Interrogative: Short questions & answers with "to be"

Preguntas / respuestas cortas con "ser    /estar"


Are you from Portugal?
Yes, I am.
No, I'm not.

Is Tina from Chile?
Yes, she is.

No, she's not.
= No, she isn't.

Is this notebook from Korea?
Yes, it is.
No, it's not.
= No, it isn't.


Are you and Lisa Chinese?
Yes, we are.
No, we're not.
= No, we aren't.

Are they from Japan?
Yes, they are.
No, they're not.
= No, they aren't.





Activity: Write the missing words. Use:

Spain, American,  are, is, Canada, Mexican, Brazilian, Australian,  from (2), are, Germany

Scorer Right  Scorer Wrong 

 You are Argentina.                                                Maradona and Nalbandian from Argentina.           

Tom and I are  from  . We are Canadian.                  Ronaldo and Ronaldinho are .

No, Manuel is from Madrid. He is from .                 Mel Gibson is Australian. He is from .

  you from the United States?                                  Madonna is from the USA. She is .

  Michael from Israel?                                               The Pope is German. He is from .

Patricia and Nora are from Mexico. They are .        Fidel Castro is Cuban. He is Cuba.









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