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Hello my name  is Claudio...

What's your name?
My name is ...

Hola, mi nombre es Claudio...

¿Cuál es tu nombre?
Mi nombre es ...











What's my name?
My name is Jennifer.


What's your name?
My name is Michael.

Your name is Alan...etc



What's his name?
His name is Johnny Depp.

¿Cuál es mi nombre?

Mi nombre es Jennifer


¿Cuál es tu nombre?

Mi /tu nombre es


¿Cuál es su nombre?

Su nombre es...





What's  =  What is
= is the same as (es igual a)






What's her name?
Her name is Laura.

What's its  name?
Its name is Pototo.






More possessive adjectives?

Read the lesson on possessive adjectives!


¿Más adjetivos posesivos?


¡Lee la lección de los adjetivos posesivos!




What are your names?
"Mr and Mrs Brown..."



su (para ellas/os)







¿Cuáles son sus nombres?

Somos el señor y la señora Brown...




Possessive adjectives: Complete the sentences with my, your, his or her.


Pronombres adjetivos:  Completar las oraciones con my, your, his o her.     



Scorer Right  Scorer Wrong 

Hello  name's Sonny.  What is your name?                                                                                        

'What's    name?'  'I am Elizabeth.'                                                          

'Is Tina  sister?' "Yes, she is my sister."                                          

 'This is the president. name is Joe Baker lll.'   'Wow.'                                                                                                 

Mary is from France. flat is in Paris.                                                                  

 John: 'This is  brother Tom.'                        

        Laura: 'Hello, Tom !'                                                                                                                   







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