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Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy on February 15 1562. His family was very musical: Galileo played the organ and the lute. His father wanted him to study medicine, but Galileo wanted to be a monk. His father forced him to go to the Univesity of Pisa. Galileo didn't like medicine; he preferred maths and physics. In the year 1609 he heard about an invention by the Dutch: the spyglass (later called telescope). That year he started to make his own telescope. First he made a 3 power telescope then he made a 10 power telescope.With the telescope, he discovered a lot of important things about the solar system: he discovered that the moon surface is uneven, he also discovered 4 of Jupiter's moons and the rings of Saturn. He concluded that the planets go round the Sun. He was once accused of heresy and sent to the Inquisition. He publicly confessed that he had been wrong that the Earth goes round the Sun. Legend has it that he whispered 'yet, it moves.' He died in 1642 at the age of 80.


First read the biography. Then, try to complete this quiz.

1. Galileo was born in Rome, Italy.



2. Galileo liked medicine...



3. He invented the telescope.



4. How many moons did he discover around Jupiter?


5. He discovered the rings of .

6. He concluded that the planets go round the .

7. He was sentenced to death.



8. What did he whisper before the Inquisition court?

    And yet, it does

    And yet, it moves.

    And yet, it did.

    And yet, it is.

9. He died in .

10. He was 80 years old when he .










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